Thanks a million, we are one of your satisfied clients.

Eden, Sonny and Joshua
Long Beach, CA
Dearest Janice,I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you for the incredible job you did in searching, finding, negotiating, and successfully closing the short sale on my new residence.  You are the best agent I have ever worked with and I will highly recommend you to all I meet.  I also enjoyed getting to know you a little personally, as you are a sweet, patient, and wonderful person.I hope this email finds you well.  Bob has finally won my heart over and we are getting married on Sunday.  I sure hadn't planned on giving up my single life style, but life with him is so much fuller and wonderful, so someone else will have to live the single life now.  I am in love with this fantastic man and I am jumping in with both feet.  He has remained dedicated to marrying me even when I was not fully committed.  His character speaks volumes about what life with him will be like.Therefore, we have a lot of work to do in emptying his Riverside house and renting it and moving my stuff also into the new mobile and selling my Hemet mobile.  Life is busy, but fantastic!  We hope to stay in touch with you and look forward to seeing you around our new town of Murrieta - after we get back from our honeymoon and settle in.Thanks again, Janice, for everything.  You are truly the bomb, girl!  Please use this letter as a recommendation if you would like to or have any prospective clients call me as a referral client, as you are the best and deserve all the business you would like to have.

Could you ask the listing agent to remove the lockbox and let them know their sign is behind the gate on the right -hand side of the property.  You are most welcome to post your sign in our yard with a "sold" sign if you would like to advertise there.  That would be fine with us for awhile.  Thank you.

May God bless you throughout the year and have a spectacular day, Janice.

Cathy and Bob
Murrieta, CA
... Robert and I are so immensely grateful to both of you girls, for being so honest, truthful and most importantly for treating us like people, not just "possible buyers". We will forever be in debt! ...

Robert & Melissa Smith
Hi Janice, thanks for the statement.  Now I can go to the post office and get a key.  We slept at the new house last night.  Ana told me she felt like she was dreaming and didn't want to wake up.  I owe you big time.  This was not our first home purchase, and most definitely not the smoothest.  But with all the trials we faced, you never gave up.  Ana and I feel that not only were you our agent but our FRIEND.  I would not for a second hesitate when asked if we knew of a good agent.  THANKS again with lots of Love from the Herrera's

The Herrera's